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annual report

Consult the 2012 annual report of the FECHIMM for a comprehensive review of the past year at the Fédération des coopératives d'habitation intermunicipale du Montréal métropolitain.

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The UN has proclaimed 2012 the International Year of Co-operatives. In Canada, national IYC efforts are being led in partnership by the Canadian Co-operative Association, the Conseil canadien de la coopération et de la mutualité and the Government of Canada. Look around the site to find out more!

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The Fédération des coopératives d'habitation intermunicipale du Montréal métropolitain (FECHIMM) is an amalgamation of self-governed collective businesses working in the real-estate sector. Its members are self-governed collective businesses.

FECHIMM regroups more than 460 member cooperatives and more than 11 000 cooperative households spread out on the Island of Montréal, Laval and Basses-Laurentides territories. It represents about 2/3 of the cooperatives on its territory for an approximate property value of more than 500 million dollars.



The Federation offers housing cooperatives services specially adapted to the housing cooperative sector in four different and complementary ways:

  • education and management services
  • products resulting from group buying plans
  • defence, promotion and political representation
  • development and support services for cooperative entrepreneurship


30 years of history

Founded in April 1983, FECHIMM celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2013. At the beginning, the name was Fédération des coopératives d'habitation de l'Île de Montréal. Around twenty housing cooperatives in Montréal wanted a collective tool to develop services for their particular needs, to defend their interests and to see that new housing cooperatives would see the light of day.

In 2002, the Federation extended its action to Laval and to the MRC de Deux-Montagnes, Mirabel and Thérèse-de-Blainville and changed its name to Fédération des coopératives d'habitation intermunicipale du Montréal métropolitain. Today, more than 400 cooperatives are a member of FECHIMM with some 9000 cooperative households. It represents about 2/3 of the cooperatives on its territory for a real-estate value of around 500 million dollars.


A democratic organization

The existence and the vitality of the Federation depends widely on the membership and mobilization of its members. It is not a private enterprise looking to make its clientele, the housing cooperatives, dependent on its services.

Created by its members, its rationale is to serve them and it is fully accountable to them. The annual general assembly of the members elects the administrators, all from member cooperatives.

Just like a housing cooperative, and governed by the same Law, the Federation is managed by its members and is financed mostly by them. There is usually one general assembly per year to make the administrative decisions and to determine its orientation. At the fall seminar, the members take part in a few training workshops. Various committees work on different mandates.

The Board of directors, composed of nine (9) elected members, and its executive committee see to the well-being of the Federation and step in to defend the interests of the cooperatives. The annual contribution (membership fee) paid by the members of the Federation is determined by the general assembly at the lowest possible cost all the while making sure to give its members the best services and economic advantages possible.


declaration of fechimm's mission

Approved by the general assembly of April 22, 2006

The elements that guide us form a whole and are indissociable from each other. They are :

  • intercooperation  by which cooperatives put their resources together, value cooperation and reinforce the cooperative movement body;
  • membership that is voluntary and available to all, favouring cooperative action in respecting its values and principles;
  • democratic authority   guaranteeing that the members decide together according to the rule of one person, one vote;
  • economic participation by the members contributing to the registered capital which is a shared property;
  • autonomy allowing relations with society’s other partners while respecting the cooperatives’ independence;
  • education by which cooperatives contribute to the development of society, training its members and keeping the people informed;
  • social solidarity   by which cooperatives actively promote social progress and permanent development.

The values which inspire our orientation are :

  • democracy : promote everyone’s participation in the decision-making, complete access to information and collective responsibility;
  • equality:   not allowing any discrimination on the basis of the person's identity and status;
  • equity :  treat differences clearly and rightly;
  • solidarity :  endeavour to share all available resources in view of a permanent development of society and expose, wherever they are, all unfair situations.

Our mission, the rationale of our organization, is determined as follows :

  • SUPPORT the individuals and the incorporated housing cooperatives, in their desire to consolidate and to expand, here and abroad, the cooperative movement : collective property, democratic way of life and of citizen participation.
  • ADVISE the cooperatives and their members, in order to allow them the greatest autonomy possible and to make choices in their image.
  • CONTRIBUTE to the development, by collective entrepreneurship and putting together all available resources, of an exemplary level of solidarity with all the sectors of the cooperative movement, in Québec and in the World.

Our vision : the Federation is an association at the service of its members. To this end, it must be :

  • A LEADER able to bring together and to mobilize all the concerned parties with a view to reinforcing and expanding the housing cooperative movement.
  • A MODEL in the society as regards to setting up permanent development policies seeking the best quality of life for its members and all the citizens, on all economic, social and environmental levels, in Québec and in the World.
  • A REFERENCE as regards the quality of the economic services and the advice it offers its members and the whole community housing sector.

FECHIMM'S CODE of ethics

Approved by the general assembly of April 22, 2006

Join the Federation, act in and for the Federation, rule the Federation is what the concerned parties closely tied to the activities of FECHIMM do. With a view to keeping true to the values, the principles and the mission of the Federation, these parties – the members, the staff and the administrators – favour the following behaviour :

Loyalty (faithfulness in keeping its commitments) :

Each and everyone is responsible towards his group and the people in it.

The staff and the directors worry about the Federation’s notoriety and about abiding by its commitments in carrying out the responsibilities entrusted to them. They contribute to the improvement of the organization and to the harmonious work environment.

The Federation recognizes the value of intercooperation and more widely of inter organizational partnerships. It seeks constructive equity in its relations with the partners and its public behaviour respects the cooperative values.

Honesty (uprightness, integrity, probity) :

Each and everyone   collaborates with uprightness and frankness in view of shared goals.

The staff and the directors show team and solidarity spirit in their decisions and in the course of action.

The Federation respects the democratic functioning and in a socially responsible way, contributes to finding consensus.

Transparency (limpidity, clarity) :

Each and everyone relays all required and available information while respecting the standards of confidentiality.

The staff and the directors practice, and encourage its members to favour participation, information and free speech in the debates; they favour participative management.

The Federation reports its activities and its goals to its members, to the population, to its partners and to the concerned authorities.

Solidarity (community of interests leading to mutual assistance, interdependence) :

Each and everyone listens in and gives his support to anyone following cooperation goals.

The staff and the directors promote equality of chances and of fair working conditions.

The Federation shares, according to its means, its available resources with other organizations that have the same concerns, notably in favor of permanent development.

Respect (to not violate integrity and dignity):

Each and everyone respects the integrity, the opinion and the work of others and fights distrimination in every way.

The staff and the directors respect the autonomy of the cooperative; they support its demoratif functioning and favour its development.

The Federation submits to the laws and regulations which governs it and respects its commitments in society, here and everywhere else.

Responsibility (moral obligation towards shared property) :

Each and everyone acts as a responsible citizen in his choices and in his actions.

The staff and the directors make sure there is a healthy management and promote its protection.

The Federation favours partners who aim for social progress and permanent development.



1.   The Board of directors and the members of FECHIMM can submit resolutions proposals.

2.   The members must submit their resolutions proposals to FECHIMM before February 15 if they want them to be dealt with during the next annual general assembly.

3.   Each year, the board of directors appoints a proposals committee for the annual assembly. This committee is composed of two members of the Board and any other persons as the Board deems appropriate to appoint.

4.   At least 30 days before the annual general assembly, FECHIMM sends all its members the convocation notice and the participant’s kit and lists the proposals submitted. Each proposal includes a comment from the Board.

5. In the participant’s kit, the proposals committee presents the proposals in the following order:

a.   amendment to the regulations;

b.   general resolutions proposals concerning issues on community housing;

c.   proposals on topics other than community housing.

6.   At the annual assembly, before the plenary to discuss the proposals, the proposals committee may merge similar or identical proposals if the sponsors of the proposals agree.

7.  At the annual assembly, at the beginning of the plenary to discuss the proposals, the proposals committee presents the proposals in the following order:

a.   amendment to the regulations;

b.   general proposals concerning issues on community housing;

c.   proposals on topics other than community housing;

d.  late proposals (submitted to FECHIMM after February 15). The assembly may discuss a late proposal only if a majority of voting delegates decide that the proposal is an urgent issue to be considered.

The Assembly may decide to change the order in which resolutions proposals are debated.

8.   During the annual assembly, each resolution proposal is read aloud by a sponsor.

9.   Unless deemed non admissible by the assembly, any proposal not treated by the assembly is returned to the Board of directors for consideration after the annual general assembly with instructions to present a report and/or a recommendation at the next annual general assembly.

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